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Account Management Team

Your Valued Partner

Clients depend upon us as an external extension of their internal staff.  We will become part of your up front planning process because we deliver on the following list of performance criteria:


90% of our interviewed candidates receive offers.


We limit our candidate presentations to our short list of top 1-2 highly qualified candidates.


Qualified candidates will typically be presented within 36 hours.


Presented candidates will have passed multiple interview layers with our staff pertaining to your specific position.


We will provide a detailed narrative of exactly why our candidate was chosen for your position.


Compliance with all vendor managed programs.


Background checks will be completed on all interviewed candidates.

Client Services

Select Solutions Group is committed to providing excellence in packaged recruitment services, which support the advanced integration of technology and the business environment. The customization of our service packaging is dependent upon our client’s unique needs for the following delivery methods:

  bullet Executive Search
  bullet Contract Consulting and Supplemental Staffing
  bullet Right to Hire


Our Differentiators

Each of our service offerings produces its own unique value proposition, but the correct blending of the delivery method is dependent upon our client’s specific needs. We listen to our clients and adopt a consultative approach to identify the winning solution for the situation.

Recruiting TeamSelect Solutions Group strives to create a strategic differentiation through superior performance in four key criteria:

  • Defining the Critical Need
  • Candidate Identification
  • Consultant Performance
  • Business Partnership

Defining the Critical Need goes well beyond applying the skills matrix incorporated within a job description. It is our experience that 95% of the criteria used by our clients to select one candidate over another, never even make it into the original job description. Aptitude, attitude, and thought orientation are just some examples of your criteria preferences we will look to identify in order to select the candidates that will deliver the greatest impact upon your success. (Top)

Candidate identification is a key value-add service of a recruiting organization and we are proud of the fact that 90% of our candidates who are interviewed by our clients are accepted onto client engagements. The success factors behind this level of achievement lies in our ability to apply the knowledge gained by defining your critical need, as we evaluate each candidate that we source for your position through our proprietary selection process.

This proprietary selection process incorporates a series of structured interviews by our Recruiters designed to ensure that the initial list of qualified candidates all exceed the published list of requirements for the position. Candidates who successfully meet the required technical and business knowledge criteria are then asked to answer complex questions that will enable us to evaluate and predict their effectiveness within different work environments, management styles, corporate cultures, etc. A final short list of the top candidates is then identified.

Your Account Representative will interview this short list and determine the top candidate(s) for final presentation based upon the previous interview evaluations and their perspective on your exact critical need. A narrative of why the submitted candidate is appropriate for your position will then be developed by your Account Representative that will reflect the quality of the search, our confidence in the result, and the commitment of your Account Representative to your success. (Top)

Consultant Performance is an integral criteria that will define the reputation a firm earns as a high-quality service provider to a client. We have consistently seen that by excelling in the execution of identifying the right person for the right job, our Consultants statistically out-perform other contractors that have been presented by a less stringent process in the areas of productivity, turnover, and team cohesiveness.

We maintain regular and frequent contact with our client-based staff in order to measure their performance and to enhance the communication channels with our clients. (Top)

Business Partnership is an activity-based process, not a slogan. Select Solutions Group takes a long term view to all of its client relationships knowing that over time, there will be opportunities and challenges that will need to be faced together. We will strive to stay current with knowledge of your industry, your company, and the environments you support. We will look to meet with you on a regular basis to seek out your advice and evaluation of our services. We do all of this so that we can offer insightful recommendations and action steps that prepare and respond to the changing dynamics of your marketplace. We are on your team and we are committed to our relationship with you and to your success. (Top)


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